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ArchivesResearchNothing to see here.
ArtworkIllustration[19A05-19A05]Digital 2D illustration created for various projects.
Artwork 3dIllustration[19A05-19Z01]Digital 3D models and texturing for various projects.
ArvelieTimeArvelie is a date format.Library
AudioHomeThe Audio index contains music & audio projects and references.
AugmentGames[19Z01-19Y04]A stealth cyberpunk roguelike-ish
CalendarHoraireThe Calendar shows upcoming events.Rss Feed
CameraInventoryThe Camera specs.
CanadaTravel[18E14-18E14]Places visited in Canada, which is now my home.
CodeWordsWriting on code and technologies.
ErrentAudio[01+01-01+01]Errent is a detailed dichotomist duo. An audio project with mohuBandcamp
FictionWords[19A05-19A05]Writing for the mind.
GamesHome[15Y14-18B10]The Games index contains past & present games I've worked on.
HeolOsceanHeol is a scripting language.Github
HomeHomeaccess  endpoint:   _discovery
HoraireNataniev[19A01-19J02]Horaire is a time-tracking tool.View Database
IllustrationVisualA collection of illustrations in different mediums.
IndentalOsceanIndental is a dictionary format.Github Syntax
Inventory_discoveryThe collection of techincal details on the Inventory.
JournalHoraireThe Journal shows recent activity.Rss Feed
KineseaGames[19A01-19K12]Explore an abandoned science facility through simulated spatial technology.
LifeHome[13E00-19A00]The Life index contains experiences, like travel and change.
LuxeTools[18F06-19J01]luxe is a cross platform game engine for building games and tools.Website
Luxe Editor WorkflowLuxeearly editor previews
MeanderyGames[17I04-19A04]Explore a deserted island where language was lost.Website
MerveillesWebringMerveilles is a community of artists and developers.On Github On Mastodon
MomentsFiction[15G11-15G11]Prose Poetry about Moments
NatanievSoftwareNataniev is an ecosystem of exocortex tools.
NeralieTimeNeralie is a time format.View Online Itunes Library
Operator Overload OstErrent[17R06-19A05]An original soundtrack for the game Operator Overload.
OsceanNataniev[19A01-19A04]Oscean is a flat-file wiki engine.Github
PhotographyVisualThe Photography index collates a few photography endpoints.
RandomRandomWelcome to the redirection services.
ResearchHomeThe Research index hosts various experimental projects.
RivenOsceanRiven is a flow-based framework.Github
RunicOsceanRunic is a templating format.Github Syntax
ScratchIllustration[14R14-19N12]Visual Wandering, digital or analog experiments.
SketchbookIllustrationAnalog Illustrations from a physical sketchbook.
SoftwareResearchThe Software Portal is a collection of interactive applications.
TablatalOsceanTablatal is a collection format.Github
The Sky RogueFictionGame lore for Sky Rogue.
ThoughtsWordsThoughts and musings which don't fit under code or fiction.
TimeNatanievDocumentation on the different time formats.
ToolsHomeThe Tools index contains tools to create games and personal tools.Github
TrackerHoraireThe Tracker shows issues and balance.Rss Feed
TravelLifeVarious trips and places of interest.
UnreleasedArchivesA list of Unreleased projects.
VisualHomeThe Visual index contains art, visual design and photography.
WebringNatanievThe Webring, like it's the 2000s.Github Jump In
WordsHomeThe Words index contains writing on Code, Fiction and Thoughts.
_discoveryHome_discovery is a :todo:.